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Welcome to the 4th Generation Appearance Modification Guide!

You may have noticed a couple changes here.   With the popularity of the site and the amount of bandwidth it uses, it has started to cost me quite a bit of $$$ to keep it up.  I've provided "free" advertising for a number of vendors for several years with free banner ads on this page.   Unfortunately, it is necessary for me to remove those free banner ads and only have banner ads for those who are helping to support the site.  I'm not looking to make money here... just reduce my out of pocket expenses and keep the site up for all to enjoy and use!

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Hey Guys!  If you haven't visited in a while, you'll notice a completely different layout.  Even though this particular page on my site has been extremely popular, I still thought it was "lacking" and wanted to make it a bit better.  Not only will you notice a completely different layout, but the page is a bit more interactive and personal now!  As you'll see, there is now a Featured Camaro and Featured Firebird page!  You will see these when you click on either the "CAMARO" or "FIREBIRD" in the upper frame.  Just follow the directions located on these pages to have your own car featured here!  I want to recognize those who have invested extra time and money in their F-Body.  You won't receive any money for "winning" the featured F-Body award, but you will have your car viewed by the many F-Body fans who visit this site :-)  If you like the new format, please let me know.  If you don't like it, definitely please let me know!!!   Thanks and enjoy! Brent Franker

Special thanks to Matthew Guimond  (LV-F-Body Association) for putting me in contact with
Travis Whidden at who hosts these pages on his server. Thanks guys!

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

The following pages are here to aid those of you looking to change the appearance of your Camaro or Firebird but can't decide exactly what you would like to do.   I ran into this problem while I was trying to decide which appearance mods I wanted to do to my own 1994 Z-28 Camaro.  This was especially a problem for me because I basically live "in the sticks" where there are very few modified Camaros to view "live."  Because of this, I spent quite a number of hours searching the Internet for different ideas and thinking how nice it would be if I didn't have to do so much "hunting" for the information I was trying to find.  Now that I'm done with my appearance mods (for now :) I thought it would be kind of a neat idea to provide a central location where people can view the many different options available to change the appearance of the 4th Generation F-Body.  Along with the pictures I will try to provide as much information about the particular item as I can.  In many cases, the pictures you are viewing are pictures I found while I was doing my own searching so I may not have much information on these (but if you know the details of the item, please send me an email!).  Also because of this, you may actually see your own car pictured in these pages!  If, for some reason, you don't wish for it to be here, just send me (Brent Franker) an email and I'll remove the picture :)

If you have changed the appearance of your own car and have pictures scanned in, please send them to me!  I'll be constantly updating these pages with new pictures and information.  I want to get as many different appearance mods on as many different colors of F-Bodies as I can.  Meaning, if I have a picture of, for example, an aftermarket wheel on a red Camaro and you have the same wheel but on a white Camaro, please still send me the picture!

Once again, thanks for stopping by!  Please send your comments, suggestions, and pictures to Brent Franker

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Some Great F-Body info

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Absolute Z28

Click the above graphic for an overview of the different appearance mod prices

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For you 3rd Gen F-Body lovers, be sure to check out the 3rd Gen Appearance Guide!

3rd Gen Appearance Guide

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If you don't find the picture you are looking for here on this site of Appearance
Modifications, be sure to swing by SuperDave's Webshots album!   SuperDave
has several pictures of appearance modded 4th Gen F-Bodies on his page as
well so check it out!

SuperDave's Webshots Album

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For questions or comments email

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